October 27-29, 2023

Come ladies and get away! Enjoy doing the things that make a retreat for you! Make it a high energy weekend, or just as low key as you need. We will have optional activities available like horseback riding, the climbing wall, crafts and painting.  You are welcome to bring your own fun project that you do not find time at home to complete.  Camp Morrow offers beautiful trails to walk on through the woods by the creek.  We trust that you will go home refreshed.  This retreat is for ladies 18 years old and older.


The food at the ladies retreat is nothing short of amazing!  Please let us know if you have special dietary needs.

Camp Morrow offers a few different styles of accommodations.  Most of our accommodations are youth style heated cabins with bunks and no bathrooms.  We have a bathhouse close by with all the facilities.  We have a few nicer cabins with bathrooms and will reserve these for our older guests or ladies who find going outside more challenging!  Please let us know if you have any special needs.  Be sure to bring your own bedding, towels and personal items.


2:00  Early arrival

5:00  Registration in the Chapel

6:00  Dinner

7:30  Chapel-Becky Routson

Games, campfire, coffee, and visiting!

7:00  Coffee is on

8:30  Breakfast

9:15  Devotions-Francie Towne

10:00  Activities Group #1/Free Time

12:00  Lunch

1:30 Activities Group #2/Free Time

3:00  Activities Group #3/Free Time

5:30  Dinner

7:00  Chapel-Linda Pierce

Games, campfire, coffee, and visiting!

7:00  Continental breakfast

8:30  Chapel-Francie Towne

10:30  Brunch

12:00  Head home


There are a three scheduled activity times with multiple options like; crafts, horses, photography, painting, climbing wall, a hike, and boating on the lake.  At no additional cost, we are privileged to have professionals willing to share their talents with us.  Below is a little more information on a couple of them.


Maria, our photographer, is looking forward to sharing a photography workshop, teaching you how to create storyline portraits, posing, editing and more. If you are interested in this workshop, be sure to BRING YOUR CAMERAS!


Kristine will be teaching a painting class. She will providing specific and helpful instruction whether you have experience or this is your first painting.  We will have all the supplies on hand that you will need. She will also have some of her paintings on display.


Our prayer is that you will take the time to draw nearer to God this weekend.  We are looking forward to hearing what God has taught these ladies through life experiences and the privileges of growing and sticking closer and closer to HIM through it all!

Meet our Speakers

Becky Routson

Becky grew up in Portland, OR; a part of a family that was searching for God in all the wrong places.  God used many people in her life to show Himself to her.  She now lives in Parkdale, OR and works as a nurse.  "God continues to refine idols out of my life, confront my fears, and helps me find peace in trusting in Him."


Francie Towne

Francie lives in Bend, OR with her "wonderfully nerdy, chemistry-teacher husband, three October-loving kids, and a cat named Figgy Pudding".  She receives much joy from God through encouraging others, hearing and telling stories and making art.  Talking about Jesus and what He has done in her life is one of her great favorite things, along with ice cream with sprinkles!

Linda Pierce

Linda is a wife to Glen, a mother of two sons and a grandma of two boys.  She loves being retired, doing Bible studies, and teaching AWANA, Sunday School and High Power soccer camp.  Linda looks forward to sharing what God has done in her life through the great times and through the hard times.  "I love God and life!"