Gap Year Program

2025 Program: January 8-August 3

A seven-month discipleship program focused on your growth!  Great in-depth Bible exploration, deep fellowship in community, and hands-on missions experience.  

Why a Gap Year Program?

  • Grow in your relationship with God!  Through discipleship, Bible teaching and study, hands-on local church ministry, overseas missions, and camp ministry you will be challenged in your faith and personal life.
  • Ministry training! Whether you have lots of ministry experience or none at all, you will be given many different opportunities to serve in places and types of ministry that you will be able to take with you wherever you go. This is a lifestyle filled with leading devotions, answering tough questions, engaging deeply in corporate prayer, worship, and community.
  • Growth in practical skills! Interest track skills are demonstrated and developed and then put into immediate use.
  • Overseas missions! Put into practice what you have learned, engaging in other countries. Discover ministry overseas and experience God’s Kingdom abroad.


Cost:  $8750

2025 Schedule

  • January 8, 2025:  Arrival at Camp Morrow
  • January 9-10:  Orientation
  • January 13:  Classes begin
  • January-March:
    • Mon-Thurs:  Classes and local ministry
    • Fridays:  Track Focus Days
  • April-May:  Mission Trips to places like Latvia, Norway, Mexico, India
  • June:  Debrief, Camp Ministry preparation
  • July:  Camp Ministry at Camp Morrow
  • August 3, 2025:  Graduation

Topics for Classes

  • Biblical Worldview and Foundations
  • Prayer and Worship
  • Evangelism and Apologetics
  • Lordship of Christ
  • Old Testament Survey
  • New Testament Survey
  • Children and Youth ministry
  • Spiritual Gifts
  • Missions and Spiritual Warfare
  • Christian Leadership
  • Psalms, Ephesians, Hebrews, 1 John, Revelation

Interest Tracks

Every Friday and one week each month will be focused on an area of interest and passion that you choose.  You will choose one option from the list below as your focus for the program.  You will then receive hands-on training and experience each week in that area so you can use it either in ministry, as a hobby, or in a work environment.

2025 Interest Tracks

  • Camp/Youth Ministry Leadership:
    • Focus will be on serving and leading in children's, youth and camp settings.  Learn and experience what it take to have the greatest impact in effective ministries that can change the world.
  • Art:
    • Basic and advanced drawing and painting skills.  How to use art in ministering to others through evangelism, worship, and discipleship.
  • Construction:
    • Learn and apply skills on real construction projects.  From foundations and framing, to roofing and drywall, even introducing electrical and plumbing.  Experience building from A-Z while helping ministry development.
  • Photography
    • Learn what all goes into good photos.  From lighting and equipment to editing, you will learn to improve your skills whether you are taking photos of people or scenery.
  • Horsemanship
    • You will work on your own riding skills as well as learning horse care including horse health and hoof care from a farrier.  Learn how to teach others how to ride and lead trail rides.

Missions and Ministry


Taking your discipleship experience to others around the world.  Locations such as Latvia, India, Norway and Mexico.

Camp Ministry:

Serving, applying and sharing what God has developed during the program through intense weeks of discipleship ministry at Camp Morrow and Eagle's Wings Camp in Latvia.

Local Outreach:

Ministry in local churches during the classroom portion.  Reaching youth and families in rural areas through various ministries.