About Camp Morrow

About Camp Morrow
About Camp Morrow 2017-06-21T15:07:24+00:00

About Camp Morrow

Camp Morrow exists to evangelize and disciple people in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Many youth and family programs are offered in two separate facilities, Morrow Lake Camp and Morrow Ranch, both ministries of Camp Morrow. These facilities are also available to other church and educational groups that are in agreement with our purpose and statement of faith.

Whether here as a guest group or attending our programs, Camp Morrow desires to make a difference in our world Changing Communities One Life at a Time.

Meet Our Staff

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Meet Our Staff

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Our Statement of Faith

This is what we believe. This is our foundation for everything we do.

Our Statement of Faith

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens with lost and found items? 2017-03-07T09:37:10+00:00

Please mark your belongings.  Lost and found items found during the week will be set out at the end of the week during Week in Review.  Lost and found items still remaining will be discarded after the summer.  Camp Morrow claims no responsibility for contacting owners of lost and found items or for the cost of shipping them.

Is there a dress code? 2017-03-07T09:36:34+00:00

Clothing should be modest, not drawing attention to the body and will ultimately be at the discretion of the director.  Ladies: no short shorts, thin straps, low neckline tops, shirts with bare midriffs, or two-piece bathing suits.

Do I need to bring boots and/or helmets to ride horses? 2017-03-07T09:35:19+00:00

Boots and helmets are mandatory for working with the horses.  While the camp has a sufficient supply of both, you are welcome to bring your own.

How can I contact my child? 2017-03-07T09:34:42+00:00

You can send all mail to: (Camper Name) c/o Camp Morrow

79551 Morrow Rd.

Wamic, OR 97063

We do not allow campers to keep cell phones during camp.  Please call the office (541.544.2971) if you need to get in touch with your child.  All phones brought will be stored until the end of the week.

When do I pick up and drop off my child? 2017-03-07T09:34:06+00:00

All Lake and Ranch camps open with registration beginning at 4:00 p.m. and campers should be picked up at 10:30 a.m. on the last day of camp. Parents are encouraged to join us for “Week in Review” at 10:00 a.m. on the last day of camp. (Photo ID will be required to pick up campers)

Note: Primary camp parents are encouraged to join us for our last chapel on the last day starting at 9:30 a.m.

Note:  Sr. Girls Ranch camp and Jr. Girls Arena camp parents are encouraged to join us for a Showdeo at 10:30 a.m. with pick up time at 11:30 a.m.

What should they not bring? 2017-03-07T09:33:32+00:00

Cellphones and electronics (tablets, iPods, etc.)  If any of these items are brought, they will be placed in storage until the end of the week.

Possession or use of fireworks, firearms, knives, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or any illegal activities are strictly prohibited at Camp Morrow and may result in immediate dismissal.

What Should They Bring? 2017-03-07T09:33:09+00:00

Bible, flashlight, sleeping bag, pillow, bug spray, sun screen, swimsuit (one-piece only), toiletries, long pants for riding horses. Please leave all electronics at home; they will be stored until the end of the week if brought.

How do I make sure my child is in the same cabin as his/her friend/sibling? 2017-03-07T09:32:41+00:00

Lake Camps:  Kids are assigned to their cabins following arrival and registration. They will have the opportunity to partner with up to two friends/siblings to be in the same cabin.

Ranch Camps:  Kids will be assigned to their cabins prior to arrival.  You may request one friend as a cabin mate on the registration form.

Location & Directions

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